changes to *star* policy

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changes to *star* policy

Post by Michal Rok » Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:31 pm


Feeling the need to improve the "stars" feature (something that shows on your profile depending on how many routes you submitted) I have made some adjustments today. Here's how it works as of now:

1. How does your rating work

Everyone starts with a rating of 0. Every route and every correction you submit will give you +1 if approved or -10 if rejected by moderator. Links, articles etc. don't count.

2. How stars are obtained from the rating

The scale is logarythmic and the base of logarithm is 4. You get your first star at the rating of 2, second at 8, third one at 32, fourth at 128 and five stars at 512. Five stars is maximum you can get.

3. Your position among all users

Every day we calculate your position among all vroute users. For instance, being #715 means there are 714 people with same or better rating than you have. Your position is also shown in your profile, together with the current personal rating.

4. Can I loose my stars?

Yes. If your submission is rejected, you get -10 to your rating. If you're unlucky, this might be enough to cross a threshold between i.e. three and two stars, so you'll only have two after this has happened. Of course you'll get your star back as soon as you get +10 points by 10 successful submissions/corrections.

5. How do I earn a higher rating?

You can create routes or fix the ones that are broken. Feel free to use the Advanced search feature and search for broken routes in the area you know best - these might be the easiest to correct.

6. What if I have my routes rejected too many times?

If your rating drops below -50 (at least 5 rejections) the submission feature will be blocked. If you use premium version, you will still be able to submit private routes.


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