Adding airports to vroute

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Adding airports to vroute

Post by Michal Rok » Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:58 pm

This subject is coming up quite often in emails I receive (and in this forum too) so here's an official response:

I'm sorry it's not possible to add airports to vroute if they're not available already. The reason is a two-step one:

1) vroute has no problem with accepting any airport, but we must be conscious what your airplane's FMS will fly. So we do not add airports, we need them added to Navigraph FMS Data first
2) Navigraph has a policy of not adding any airports manually, they instead expect their data provider to supply them from real life aviation data

In other words, as soon as the airport in question becomes popular enough among real life pilots, Navigraph will support it and vroute automatically too.


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