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ATC booking format extension - CID numbers

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:12 am
by Michal Rok
In order to increase quality of data in VATBOOK database, and enable more sophisticated processing, an extension was developed to add CID number to booking entries.

Please consider extending your interfaces to provide, on add (insert.asp) and on update (update.asp) a parameter cid=(number) specifying the CID (VATSIM ID) number of the person who will be present. In cases where the person cannot be identified (i.e. where booking is made on behalf of a number of people - "Polish VACC Staff"), a value of -1 should be provided.

This is done to enable applications that match booking to actual online ATC present. Currently the only common information in both data sets is the name, which obviously is not a good unique key.

Ideally, this should be implemented in all sites within two months timeframe, and will become mandatory later next year.


Michal Rok