CZEG/CZVR Over the Hill event

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CZEG/CZVR Over the Hill event

Post by TScharer » Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:35 am

CZVR <- Over The Hill -> CZEG Event

Vancouver FIR and Edmonton FIR are co-sponsoring an event on the evening of Friday, February 6th, 2009. The event will run from 6PM - 10PM Pacific Standard Time (7 - 11 Mountain, 0200Z-0600Z Feb 7th). Trans-FIR traffic is encouraged. Pilots are asked to fly from one side of the ‘hill’ to the other (between a CZEG airport and a CZVR airport).

Over The Hill / CZEG Sponsored Contest

CZEG will be giving away a copy of Ultimate Terrain X Canada from Flight 1 to an event participant. The winner will be selected by random draw. More details to follow.

Over The Hill / FS Economy Contest

Notice to Pilots who are also involved in FS Economy: A total of 290,000 in ‘FSEconomy’ money ( will be awarded during the event! FSEconomy pilots who make verified online VATSIM and FSEconomy flights between a towered CZEG FIR airport and a towered CZVR FIR airport during the Over The Hill event will be rewarded. The virtual prize money will be distributed as follows:

v$48,333 in FSE money will be distributed evenly between those pilots making one flight.
v$96,667 in FSE money will be distributed evenly between those pilots making two flights.
V$145,000 will be distributed evenly between those pilots making three or more flights.

To qualify as a flight made during the event, the following requirements must be met:

The pilot must submit each planned flight on the reporting web page at prior to the start of the flight. The reporting web page requires the following information:

FSEconomy account (FSEconomy name).
FSEconomy aircraft registration.
VATSIM call sign.
Departure airport.
Arrival airport.
The entire flight must be flown online on VATSIM.
The flight must be completed and logged on FSEconomy.
The flight must depart the departure runway or touch down on the arrival runway during the period of the event.
Pilots must adhere to the ‘Pilot’s Conduct’ section of the VATSIM Code of Conduct for the duration of the flight.
If flying VFR, pilots must file a VFR flight plan including departure and arrival aerodromes, and must call ATC for permission to enter class B or C airspace and/or manoeuvre on controlled aerodrome surfaces, and must establish radio contact with ATC prior to entering class D airspace.
Pilots must use real-time weather (if available).
The flight must originate at a towered airport in the CZVR or CZEG FIR, and end at a towered airport in the other FIR.

If the reporting web page is unavailable, an alternate email address will be made available during the event for pilots to submit planned flights. Any flights that cannot be verified as being completed on both networks (VATSIM and FSEconomy) will not qualify.

Prizes will be awarded to FSE pilot bank accounts only (no payments to groups). Payments will be made from the group ‘Cowichan Valley Charters’ within one week of the event.

The tower airports which qualify for the event are:


CYXX Abbotsford BC
KBLI Bellingham International WA
CZBB Boundary Bay BC
CYNJ Langley Regional BC
CYLW Kelowna BC
CYPK Pitt Meadows BC
CYXS Prince George BC
CYVR Vancouver International BC
CYYJ Victoria International BC

Note that towered water aerodrome CYHC Vancouver Harbour BC does not exist in FS Economy's database.


CYYC Calgary International AB
CYBW Calgary/Springbank AB
CYOD Cold Lake AB
CYXD Edmonton City Centre AB
CYEG Edmonton International AB
CYMM Fort McMurray AB
CYZF Yellowknife NT
CYXY Whitehorse International YT

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