Vatbook Owner of Flight Plan Question

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Vatbook Owner of Flight Plan Question

Post by TimMollart » Wed May 23, 2007 9:26 am


I am just testing the Vatbook interface for my va (Thomson Virtual). I have successfully called the interface and got back a response as follows:

FP ID=111102
OVERWRITE ID=7cbeaf0a47e274b66e33cb1a68bbcc92

I then logged into VRoute and I could see my bookings in there. However when I attempted to delete the bookings using VRoute I could not and received an error message saying that I was not the owner of the flight plan.

Is this correct or is this a fault? It would be nice if people could delete their bookings with VRoute but I suppose it does not really matter too much. :)


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Post by Michal Rok » Thu May 24, 2007 4:15 am

VATBOOK only permits deletion of the flight plan from the same source. It won't permit to delete a booking made on a different channel.

There are multiple reasons for that, including but not limited to:
- the original source website would not know about the deletion
- VATBOOK does not verify if you are actually representing the person with a specific PID number, therefore the ability to act on behalf that person should be limited to obvious cases. Doing a cross-channel delete would enable any other authorized user of VATBOOK to (accidentally?) delete a Thomson Virtual booking.


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