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Re: Pilot Booking Interface

Post by Michal Rok » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:35 am


thank you for the questions.

The error message from calculation goes nowhere. The background processing is done on best effort basis, that is if we succeed we will do something more with your plan. If we don't, we will still show it among booked flights but no processing results will be available - thus the folks you will be flying above won't know about your booking.

The background processing happens in background for two reasons. One is performance, and the other is that the pilot booking protocol (which is something I implemented but not designed) did not foresee errors coming from processing the route, and this feature was programmed later without altering the protocol. I think it might be time to change that approach, but I am currently focused on different project and do not have resources to change vatbook.

I cannot show your flight in the DEP/ARR FIRs, because I cannot calculate the time when you will be there. If you are flying Moscow to Paris for 5 hours it is not true that you will be in Moscow FIR for 2.5 hrs and in France for another 2.5. This calculation (split by FIR, calculation of entry/exit times) is what happens in background.


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