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Area active

Post by TorbenJA » Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:57 am

When I open the route page in vroute I tend to try to help correcting routes that croute asks for. However, some routes are rejected due to "Area active". These faulty routes are rather hard to correct, as it often depend on the time of the day/week. So the route can actually be 100% correct apart from the fact that the military are using it.
Perhaps it could be an idea to exempt these route from being corrected, so I only see routes, which are genuine wrong - not due to an active area?

CDR- routes are a bit different, depending on type (-1, -2 or -3). One can find/make alternative routes for CDR1 and CDR2, but if used might come up with an error, if the airwar crosses an active area.
A variation is naturally CDR3 routes. But these routes aren't plannable as far as I know, so these should be corrected to a route not using a CDR3 airway.


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