FuelMania FAQ

Tips, instructions and other information on adding your selected aircraft type to the vroute's fuel calculator

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FuelMania FAQ

Post by Michal Rok » Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:31 am

1. What is FuelMania?

FuelMania is a new feature of vroute premium that let's you define additional aircraft in vroute's fuel calculator. Once a particular aircraft type is added, you can use vroute to calculate flight profile, times over waypoints, estimated amount of fuel remaining over each waypoint and total amount of fuel needed for the flight.

2. How do I add my favourite aircraft to vroute?

The process is as follows:
* pick one aircraft type for a start (you can try with more aircraft later, but one at a time)
* contact us at support@vroute.net with the name of the aircraft, the vendor/author and the ICAO code
* if nobody else is doing that particular aircraft already, we will prepare basic flight model data and send you a link to fuel data page
* on the fuel data page, you fill in some basic information about the airplane, such as takeoff weight and fuel tank loading sequence
* then, you make two test flights of different distances and write down the exact consumption
* the fuel consumption data from these flights will be used by us to fine-tune the calculation model
* finally, the airplane will be made available to everyone in vroute as BETA, and you can check the complete calculation results yourself
* if the final test result is OK, we announce the availability of new aircraft model together with your name as the data supplier

3. What aircraft are most wanted?

vroute provides best support for those flying turboprop or jet passenger aircraft in IFR routes. Therefore, these airplanes are most desired - anything by Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas, BAe, ATR, Fokker, etc.; anything operated by Lufthansa, Air France, Continental etc. - will be definitely desired. We're also interested in some non-passenger aircraft used in the world - such as C130, and in the private jets such as C550.

4. How do I check if a particular aircraft is not available already?

Just open vroute, go to route page, pick any flight plan and see the Fuel tab. All available aircraft are listed in the "Aircraft" selector.

5. Are you interested in freeware aircraft, too?

Yes, sure. Please note that at the moment we're limited to one set of fuel settings per ICAO code, so if you have a great freeware 747-400 and we already have PMDG's 747 Queen Of The Skies supported, then you need to use the existing data rather than setting up another airplane.

6. What resources can I use to get the weight and other information needed to collect the airplane information you request?

The following are recommended, listed in the order of preferrence:
* parameters immediately available in Flight Simulator (absolutely best for data such as fuel tank capacity, maximum payload)
* real life airplane documentation (good for tank loading sequence, minimum landing fuel and others)
* manufacturer's website
* other aviation related websites

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