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Tutorial - Error messages explanations

Postby Michal Rok » Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:44 am


as suggested by one of our users, I'm starting a topic with explanations to error messages. Vroute is modeled after real life flight planning systems, so they're sometimes not obvious - please post your difficult ones and we'll have them explained.

For start:

ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint W856 (or BNA is not part of W856, or W856 is an airway that does not include GS) -- we didn't quite get your point, and there's some unknown stuff in the route around W856. If you're completely sure the route is right, it might be outdated (not valid in current AIRAC cycle) or your vroute could be set to outdated AIRAC cycle (see link on top of Route page)

PROF: Z21 not available between WERRA and WRB at FL210..220 -- Z21 airway is not available from FL210 to FL220, between WERRA and WRB. Try adjusting your min/max FL. See PROF194 for other hints.

ROUTE135: THE SID LIMIT IS EXCEEDED FOR AERODROME LGKV [LGKV52076A] CONNECTING TO LMO -- the LMO waypoint is not a permitted first waypoint for flights leaving LGKV. Consult SID (departure procedures) and see if you could find a better initial waypoint.

ERROR: SID limit exceeded for VABB (316 nm) -- see ROUTE135 above. 316 nm is distance from departure airport to 1st waypoint. Clearly 316 nm is too far.

ROUTE134: THE STAR LIMIT IS EXCEEDED FOR AERODROME LFMT [LFMT51864B] CONNECTING TO MEN -- the MEN waypoint is not a permitted first waypoint for flights leaving LFMT. Consult STAR (arrival procedures) and see if you could find a better final waypoint.

ERROR: STAR limit exceeded for VABB (286 nm) -- see ROUTE134 above. 286 nm is distance from final waypoint to arrival airport. Clearly 286 nm is too far.

WARNING: Invalid (outdated) SID/STAR procedure SLNT7 (try SLNT8 instead?) -- SLNT7 is old. Maybe SLNT8 will work. Give it a try.

ROUTE144: NO ROUTE BETWEEN DKB AND AKANU -- please add an airway between DKB and ANANU. Sometimes DCT in place of an airway might work too.

ROUTE165: THE DCT SEGMENT KETEG..ABUKA (12 NM) IS TOO LONG FOR EDGGDCT:145:245. MAXIMUM IS 0 NM [EDGG1A] -- you may not fly DCT (direct) from KETEG to ABUKA. Find an airway between these points, or some other route if that's not possible.

PROF194: GILIO Q195 GIKIN IS NOT AVAILABLE IN FL RANGE F095..F145 -- you've selected a FL range that overlaps with FL95..145, and the Q195 airway is not available between FL95 and FL145. Usually indicates you're flying too low - solution is to increase minimum FL to 145. Sometimes, especially when min. FL is 245 or 285, this message indicates you're using a high level airway where low level counterpart should be used.

PROF195: 5336N00337W L10 5347N00404W DOES NOT EXIST IN FL RANGE F000..F075 -- see PROF194 above.

PROF198: MIKOV UQ984 SITNI IS A CDR 3 IN FL RANGE F245..F660 -- the airway you're trying to use (UQ984) is a conditional route (CDR) between FL245 and FL660, and may not be used for flight planning. Either stay away from FL245..FL660 (might be difficult) or use some other airway.

PROF199: ARCKY T853 IBESA IS A CLOSED CDR 2 IN FL RANGE F105..F175 -- see PROF198 above.

PROF200: ROXAT UM981 NATEB IS A CLOSED CDR 1 IN FL RANGE F245..F460 -- see PROF198 above.

PROF201: CANNOT CLIMB OR DESCEND ON ALG Y109 ROREM IN FL RANGE F267..F295, BECAUSE OF UNAVAILABLE LEVELS ON Y109 -- the airway you're using is not available in some altitude range (FL267..FL295 here). This message refers to your climb/descend section of flight. Might be solved by forcing a higher minimum FL, but usually can only be avoided by using a different airway.

PROF202: VAPOT T9 UTUNU IS NOT AVAILABLE IN FL RANGE F095..F660 -- T9 airway is not available between FL95 and FL660. See PROF194 for hints.

PROF204: RS: TRAFFIC VIA EGD323B:F050..F999 [201311070945..201311071915] IS ON FORBIDDEN ROUTE REF:[EGD323BR] EGD323A/B/C/D/E/F DANGER AREA SEE AUP/UU -- worst nightmare of all :). See topic RAD tutorial at viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1112
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